Industry Type :    Cosmetics
Major Product :    Lon.G Gligli Eyeshadow
Preferred Buyer Type :     1. Online/offline distributor
2. Salon, Academy
3. Cosmetic brands for OEM
Website :       http://starpheres.com
Company Description :       KPT(Korean Particle Technology) was established in December 2004 in the pursuit of applying pharmaceutical technologies to cosmetics materials. KPT has continued to grow as raw materials·particles supplier for a large number of clients in cosmetic fields.

Industry Type :    Cosmetics
Major Product :    Golden Cocoon Cleansing gel, Ampoule, Capsule Cream
Preferred Buyer Type :     1. Online/offline distributor
Website :       http://www.erpe.co.kr
Company Description :       Dodream Co.,Ltd is a specialized cosmetic company founded in 2014 and well-known for its cosmetics made from 100% natural Gold
Cocoon extract, which abundantly contains the Gold Sericin and DCCM4(Defined Cell Culture Media 4), providing whitening, anti-ageing and wrinkle free effects.

CNA Biotech Co., Ltd
Industry Type :    Health care (Foods & Cosmetics)
Major Product :    Collagen Peptide
Preferred Buyer Type :     1. Food manufacturer
2. Healthcare products manufacturer
3. Food & healthcare products raw material dealers
Website :       http://www.cnabiotech.com
Company Description :       CNA BIOTECH(Collagen and Amino Acid) is one of the leading companies in Korea, supplying a wide range of collagen-based products, sourcing from the animal, vegetable, and fish peptide and amino-surfactant.

Industry Type :    Food
Major Product :    Kimchi(Traditional Korean Spicy Pickles)
Preferred Buyer Type :     1. Food distributor
2. Hypermarket vendor
Website :       http://www.iikim.co.kr
Company Description :       IIKIM Co., Ltd. has been producing healthy and tasty Kimchi with a dedication and commitment using only the best quality ingredients under the tightly hygienic process. Their factory is equipped with cutting edge sanitary equipment, satisfying the strictest hygienic control standards in Korea.

Industry Type :    Food
Major Product :    Organic Coffee, No Worries Tea
Preferred Buyer Type :     1. Pharmacy/supermarket product suppliers
2. Online seller
3. Coffee/tea shops owner
Website :       http://www.teaterramall.com
Company Description :       TeaTerra is a brand of HMAX, which is a trustworthy tea and coffee manufacturing company. It specializes in making tea deriving its ideas and origins from fundamental flavours in Korea. They prepare raw materials of the highest quality from around the world to manufacture the best quality tea designed by professional tea masters.

Song Jeong Co., Ltd
Industry Type :    Chemical Products
Major Product :    3D Sublimation Transfer Film
Preferred Buyer Type :     1. Mobile phone cover manufacturer / design agency
2. Mobile phone accessory distributor
3. Customised design product company
Website :       http://www.sjchemi.com
Company Description :       Song Jeong Company was established in 2009 for manufacturing chemical products applied with various Surface Coating Agents (SCA). Specifically, Song Jeong is now making a great progress in the product development of 3D industrial sector with advanced 3D Sublimation Transfer film products.

Digital Flow Co., Ltd
Industry Type :    Machinery (Flow meter)
Major Product :    Flow sensor, Portable Fuel Dispenser
Preferred Buyer Type :     1. Flow meter manufacturer & distributor
2. Fuel dispenser manufacturer & distributor
Website :       http://www.dgflow.co.kr
Company Description :       Digital Flow is a manufacturer of the fuel dispenser, flow meters, control counters and sensors. It has worked hard to provide high quality products through constant investment and R&D since its establishment in 2009.

Industry Type :    Water Solution
Major Product :    RO Membrane
Preferred Buyer Type :     1. RO Membrane distributor
2. Water furifier manufactuer
Website :       http://www.mcmmcm.com
Company Description :       MCM is specialized in manufacturing RO membrane, water valve, fitting and tubing which are all essential components for water purifier and water-related goods. Since 2009, MCM has been supplying a number of its products to global companies, which implies the fact that its products have already been verified through its quality and technology worldwide.

Industry Type :    IT, Media (LED Signage)
Major Product :    LED Signage
Preferred Buyer Type :     1. Government offices
2. Public transport bus & metro corporation
3. Media & PR Agency
Website :       http://www.jnakorea.net
Company Description :       J&A Korea is a LED Sign System manufacturer from Korea, which was established two years ago, yet already having customers worldwide with its highest technologies and skills. Transportation Information display at terminals is the main product with its GPS based information management system.

BI Land Corporation
Industry Type :    Landscape
Major Product :    Artificial Turf
Preferred Buyer Type :     1. Government offices
2. Construction company
3. Landscape architects
4. Artificial turf dealers
Website :       http://www.biland.kr
Company Description :       Bi land is now sweeping the Korean market for its best value of artificial turf, which always comes to customer's satisfaction. Based on professional manpower and facilities, BI land produces the highest quality and eco-friendly products with thorough maintenance service.

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