Major Product : Precision press mold
Website Address : http://koreaprecision.co.kr
Company & Product
Description :
Korea Precision Co., Ltd has produced and specialized in precision press mold and has cultivated all staff as the best technicians in precision press mold industry with the belief that technology is competitiveness and make all efforts to produce the best products while equipping high-tech equipment such as machine center, wire cutting machine and three-dimensional measuring instrument, 5 axis pressing machine.


Major Product : Gas spring
Website Address : http://www.jupowertec.co.kr
Company & Product
Description :
As a company specializing in mold standard parts, gas spring, guide pin, guide bush and so on, We, POWERTEC CO., LTD., will continue to do our best to improve customer satisfaction with the best technology and the best quality. Our company is a small and medium-sized mold company located in Gwangju, Korea. Through our own competitiveness and customer satisfaction through QDCC, we have developed into an export specialized mold company with annual sales of 10 billion won through steady export growth. This motive was customer's trust and satisfaction on price and quality competitiveness, on-time delivery, clean molds. This was not a one-off transaction but a mutual partnership and maintained a trust relationship. As a result, we continue to deal with US buyers such as DTI, CAMACO, MIIARK, NEWMAN and CALSONIC and SANKEI in Japan.


Major Product : Plastic injection mold
Website Address : http://newmold.co.kr/eng/index.html
Company & Product
Description :
Woosung Precision is one of the best two-shot mold suppliers in the world. We meet our customers' needs by providing optimized two-shot solutions based on our accumulated know how and capabilities of producing all the types of two-shot mold in the globe. We are a plastic injection mold supplier specializing in two-shot mold that provides special feasibility that normal injection mold cannot produce. Two-shot molding is to injection mold multi-colored or multi-resin parts in a single cycle via mechanical motions of rotating cores in plastics injection molds. our main concern improving quality of external design for value add, reducing production lead-time and improve productivity by lowering defects and cost reduction by reducing process of assembling and secondary processing steps, coating, gluing, mounting & etc.


Major Product : Tread rubber
Website Address : http://dhtire.co.kr/en/
Company & Product
Description :
Daeho Industry Co., Ltd. was established in July 1993, producing retread tires and pre-cured tread rubber. We produce daily 800 retread tires of hot cap and 45,000 pounds of pre-cured tread. We have exporting to the world market such as U.S.A., Japan and South-central America as well as supply to Korean domestics market. For rubber compound business, we have a partnership with Hankook tire & Nexen tire.


Major Product : Field Assembly Optical Connector, Battery Pack,
Leisure Power (power bank), PCS, Battery Rack
Website Address : http://www.ecodreamsystem.com/
Company & Product
Description :
Established in 2009 under the corporate philosophy of “challenge and innovation” , EDS Corp. has been steadily developing products for the energy industry and the business of optical communication industry. EDS Corp. has also been acknowledged for the superior products by supplying Energy Storage System and the essential components for establishing optical communication networks. And EDS Corp. has also made the export contracts with customers in the United Kingdom, Mexico, Indonesia, etc. EDS, one of the leading suppliers of Energy Storage System and Solution to the worldwide and as a social enterprise,
contributes to the environmental protection from pollution caused by fossil energy. EDS will have an international footprint in the field of green energy industry through the intensive researching and successive developments.


Major Product : Energy Storage System,
Mobile-friendly Li-Ion Battery Applications
Website Address : http://incell.kr/en/
Company & Product
Description :
Incell's lithium batteries are manufactured in the same way as Tesla, the world's leading electric vehicle and ESS leader, by applying Samsung SDI's high performance cell, ensuring high efficiency and long life. Incell develops and produces ESS (Energy Storage System) based on excellent energy & battery solution technology to solve the energy and environmental problems of the earth.


Major Product : Contact lenses
Website Address : http://www.iccontactlens.com
Company & Product
Description :
Soft contact lenses of I-CODI are a device made of polyimide material, a hydrophilic polymer of 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate, and intended to be worn directly against the eye to correct vision condition and intended for daily wear. The I-CODI's contact lens consists of 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate cross linked with ethyleneglycol dimethacrylate(62%) and water(38%). This material is the raw material used for soft contact lenses approved by the US FDA and is the Group 1 lens classified by the FDA. Colored contact lens allows you to correct your vision, and change your eye color at the same time. Colored contacts lens can be opaque for darker eyes, or enhancers for lighter eyes. Color contact lens that make your eyes more natural looking.


Major Product : Portable X-ray
Website Address : http://www.picohdt.com
Company & Product
Description :
Portable X-ray MINE has high resolution with 0.4mm Focal Spot Size, and reduced patient exposure dose by the development of 100kHz high-frequency inverter. And Laser beam is a newly added function which is helpful to figure out where X-ray emission aims at and its range for user convenience.


Major Product : AED (Automated External Defibrillator)
Website Address : http://www.nanoomtech.co.kr/en/
Company & Product
Description :
AED is compact, portable device that analysis the heart's rhythm and delivers a defibrillation shock to re-establish the normal heart rhythm. HeartPlus NT-180 Guides the user through each step of the defibrillation process by providing voice/visual prompts, AED of Nanoomtech Co., Ltd. provides uni-pads which can be used for both adults and child and two types of cartridges, integrated-type or separated type.


Major Product : Transparent LED display
Website Address : http://www.tdl.co.kr/
Company & Product
Description :
Transparent LED Displays are a product that can display various information on a transparent glass-like display using a transparent panel. TDL Co., Ltd's transparent LED display has below characteristics.
- Low price, high quality
- Simple installation
- Light weight
- Thinness


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